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What Is The Reformed Faith?

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What is Reformed faith? Is it a party label, or merely a convenient way of describing a particular group of Christians? Is it a good thing to be "Reformed," or does it mean accepting a "back-to-the-past" mentality? In this booklet, the author explains the great hallmarks of the Reformed faith: the centrality of the Bible; the sovereignty of God; the wonder of grace; the quality of the Christian life; the place of the law and the gospel; the biblical view of the world; and the importance of true preaching. In doing so, he demonstrates that the Reformed faith is biblical Christianity in its truest and most consistent form. Far from being an anachronism, the Reformed faith alone gives adequate expression to the gospel for today's world.

5" x 7.25" booklet, 32 pages. 

Written by John R. de Witt
Published by The Banner of Truth Trust, Edinburgh UK/Carlisle PA

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